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A Square in Flatland
Special Edition Flatland DVD autographed by the director
is now available here and on Amazon.com
From the acclaimed science fiction novel by Edwin A. Abbott comes


A tale of math, physics, dimensionality, philosophy, religion, and war.
A Sphere visits Flatland
Looking for the Flatland novel? Download it here for free!
Film Threat: "Flatland is a work of genius..."
SciFi.com: "A glorious mathematical mystery tour..."
SciFi Movie Page: "Wholly original and clever!"
Ozus World: "Flatland is An A!"
Aint It Cool News: "A mental amusement park ride..."
Revolution SF: "A trippy brain fest..."
SciFi Movie Lists: "A triumph over big budgets..."
3/29/2008: Flatland director Ladd Ehlinger Jr. starts column Filmmaker's Perspective for GreenCine.com
3/27/2008: Flatland sells out at UK Edinburgh Science Festival
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A film by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
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A Square in Flatland