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Flatland Interdimensional Credits


Frank Vitolo

Karen Guelfo


Ladd Ehlinger Jr.


Tom Whalen


Mark Slater


Edwin A Abbott


Ashley Blackwell

Chris Carter

Denise Carter

Juliana Carter

Mark Carter

Jacqueline Clift

Colin Duckworth

Catherine Ehlinger

Corin Ehlinger

Ladd Ehlinger Jr

Megan Ehlinger

Karen Ehlinger

Perrin Ehlinger

Oscar Gutierrez

Simon G. Hammond

Raven Hood

Michael Karle

Chris Kolb

Lauren Meigs

Linda Meigs

Matthew Meigs

Lacon Mitchell

Jorge J. Raub

Dr. Jeff Sanders

Jon Shoemaker

Sean C. Spurlock

Greg Trent

Bill Wells

Render Support

The Kubiks

Bill Wells

Lynn Trent

Interdimensional Consultants

Orson Welles

John Ford

Sam Peckinpah

Francois Truffaut

About The Producer

Frank Vitolo

On IMDB, The Internet Movie Database

Frank has produced nine films in the past three years, including The Box, with Gabrielle Union. His film Music Within (with Ron Livingston and Michael Sheen) has won many awards and has been purchased by MGM. Frank recently shot his latest film, Hunger, in Huntsville, AL and has a distribution deal in place. He has a multi-picture and distribution deal for 3 more films.

Other feature film credits include Wanderers, Fame, Godfather III, and Working Girl. TV series credits include Law and Order, The John Larroquette Show, Mad About You, and L.A. Law.

A film by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
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