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A Square in Flatland

Flatland Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Flatland about?
2. Is Flatland a short or a feature?
3. Is Flatland appropriate for children?
4. How close to the book is your feature film adaptation?
5. What is Flatland's target audience?
6. Your store is selling a "Special Edition DVD." What's that all about?
7. Who has influenced Ladd Ehlinger cinematically?
8. I want to make an animated film too. Does Ladd have any tips?
9. What about the other Flatland movies?


I want to make an animated film too. Does Ladd have any tips?

  Making Flatland was not a simple thing. Beyond the aesthetic training - writing, directing, editing, etc. - it required software skills in 3D, 2D, video and sound editing, and even programming. The total catalogue of software that I used includes:

1) Lightwave 3D
2) Adobe Premiere Pro
3) Adobe After Effects
4) VeeDub
5) Sound Forge
6) Adobe Illustrator
7) Adobe Photoshop
8) Visual Basic
9) Javascript
10) Coreldraw
11) Okino Nugraph

I had to program my own software not just to handle certain difficult elements of the film - for instance, scenes that required mass quantities of characters moving independently - but I also had to write software to manage the rendering process for the film across mass quantities of computers (a "render farm").

Being able to coordinate all of these disparate elements - software, hardware, etc. - takes time to learn. My cryptic suggestion to anyone just starting out is this: learn to learn through abstraction. It is impossible to remember each and every step required to do X, Y, or Z; you must determine what those steps are on the fly. If you can do that, then it does not matter what software you use.
A film by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
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A Square in Flatland