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The Interdimensional Construction of Flatland

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The Sound

Throughout 2005 a variety of people recorded voices for Flatland. Local actors, radio personalities, business owners, vocal music students, and PhD rocket scientists (of which there are many in Huntsville, AL) all helped bring Flatland's animated characters to life.
"I built my own recording facility in my garage," said Ehlinger. "I looked into renting, but when you're getting people off the street to do voices for you, it would've been a nightmare to coordinate getting all of these people to show up on time."
Logistics also drove the decision for him to do the voice of A Square, the main character of the film.
"It would've been great to have someone else. It's no fun editing and animating to your own voice for two years. But I couldn't get anyone to show up at a moment's notice reliably for free."
Ehlinger assembled a "scratch" soundtrack that he animated the characters to.

A Sphere, CEO of Messiah, Inc., seen here on his nifty high-tech flying scooter, from the advanced culture of Spaceland.
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A film by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
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A Square in Flatland