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The Interdimensional Construction of Flatland

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The Music

As the film began to take shape over the fall of 2005, Ehlinger found Mark Slater, a talented and experienced composer from the UK.
Once again, collaboration occured via the Internet.
Ehlinger sent animated sequences to Slater, who then generated sound files and sent them back for inclusion.
"It was great to work like that," raved Ehlinger. "I'd send Mark an email describing what I wanted along with a clip, and a couple of days later he'd send me new stuff. No meetings or lengthy phone conversations."
In fact, to this very day, Ehlinger and Slater have never met. "We'll get around to it. Maybe we'll get together on the third or fourth film."

Mark Slater, the composer for Flatland the Film.

Mark Slater, the composer for Flatland the Film. This is the only image Ladd has ever seen of him.
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A film by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.
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A Square in Flatland